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Not A Bug



An application is released to the testing team. The team has accepted, tested and released to the development team.


On bug fixation the development team came to know that one or more bugs reported by the testing team is unable to reproduce in the development environment and they stated the same in the retest report as “Not a bug” in the developer comments.


Now the testing team tries to reproduce the same but failed to do so. Now who is responsible for this? Well will be the team lead of the testing team or the test member who did the test?


Both will be responsible for this, since


  1. It’s the team lead who has to review the bug list before he/she releases the same to development team. If he/ she did the review then this situation may not rise or they can strongly argue with the development team that they had given proper steps to reproduce, the same can be reproduce and shown to the developer.
  2. Also the tester who had given the test release has to make sure that whether every bug he/she is reporting is able to reproduce at any point of time. He/ she had to check /review the same with the scenario’s or steps they had record more than once before they release.


To avoid such situations:

  1. Use review techniques before you release to the development team
  2. Have regular discussion with the team regards the functionality and testing activities
  3. Conduct training sessions to the team in the areas/ domain where they lag.



  1. It’s a point to be noted down that the testing team is unable to reproduce a bug given by the development team as “ Not a bug” in their retest release.
  2. Usage of the review techniques in the testing activity is poor.


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