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Software Development Life Cycle (Part 2)

V-Shaped Model



Importances of the testing activity in this model more so than the waterfall model though.  Test cases / procedures / conditions / scenarios are developed early in the life cycle before any coding is done.







Requirements begin the life cycle model just like the waterfall model.  Before development is started, a system test plan is created.  The test plan focuses on meeting the functionality specified in the requirements gathering.


High-level design phase focuses on system architecture and design.  An integration test plan is created in this phase as well in order to test the pieces of the software systems ability to work together.


Low-level design phase is where the actual software components are designed, and unit tests are created in this phase as well.


Implementation phase is, again, where all coding takes place.  Once coding is complete, the path of execution continues up the right side of the V where the test plans developed earlier are now put to use.




1.      Each phase has specific deliverables.

2.      Higher chance of success over the waterfall model due to the development of test plans early on during the life cycle.

3.      Time concern in comparison with the waterfall model is low or even we can say 50% less.

4.      Works well for small projects where requirements are easily understood.

5.      Utility of the resources is high.




1.      Very rigid, like the waterfall model.

2.      Little flexibility and adjusting scope is difficult and expensive.

3.      Software is developed during the implementation phase, so no early prototypes of the software are produced.

4.      Model doesn’t provide a clear path for problems found during testing phases.


When to use such model?


  1. As per my knowledge I personally think / feel where time and cost is the constraints of the project then we can use such models for quick and cost effective delivery.
  2. In comparison with waterfall model more or less same but the activity of testing starts very early, which leads to less time, and cost of the project.


Please do feel free to correct me if am wrong.


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