Process for Software Development

Process for Software Development




To provide general guidelines to carryout coding phase


Process Requirement:


1. Coding:


Entry Criteria:

Ø      Approved Technical Design Documents

Ø      Approved Project Plan

Ø      Coding Standards



Ø      Development process begins with the implementation of the Technical Design by the developer assigned.

Ø      Developers design and create source code following SDLC coding standards / guidelines provided by the Development Team Leader

Ø      Completed Code shall be compiled and the errors/ bugs shall be fixed.


Exit Criteria:

Ø      Compiled error free Code


2. Code Review and Unit Testing


Entry Criteria:

Ø      Compiled Error Free Code



Ø      Developer Team Leader Conducts walkthrough on code at formal or informal agenda based upon the review process.

Ø      Verifies with the checklist and RTM against the working product/code.

Ø      Unit Testing will be done and if any issues are identified then it as to get closed before release to the system or integration test


Records Retention:

Ø      Code Review

Ø      Unit testing issue report


Exit Criteria:

Ø      Updated baseline code (SCM Plan)


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