Implementation of QMS (Part 1)

Define Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

Based upon the vision and mission statement of the organization, the top management will freeze the policy and objectives that need to be managed or maintain to meet its business goal. To be honest if prepared this with value, can measure the performance of the quality management system to great extent, but mostly in order to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008, organizations establish this as a part, without any value or meaning. However it’s depends upon the individual or the organization who defines the same, since ISO 9001:2008 is the generic management system rather specific.

Constraints need to be considered while on working with policy and objective is what need to be done or what need to be managed to meet the business goals. For an example if we are going to define the policy for a startup company (of embedded systems of any particular products). Let us consider its vision statement is “Be leader in the network and embedded arena” and the mission statement will be “Deliver products on time with high quality”.

By combining both the vision and mission statement, came to the conclusion that the company want to maintain it’s delivery with high quality and on time for long run. So putting up this all in a line can say its policy as “Provide solutions & services or Products and services (supplier) that met the expectations of the customer (customer) in terms of Cost, Time and Quality”.

As defined the policy above, need to look into objectives to carry forward this policy. Quality Objectives is the measurable items at the end of the day to know where we are. From the above statement (policy), it’s clear that the measurable objects or items will be schedule, effort and quality (quality may be in terms of Defect Removal Efficiency, Customer satisfaction feedback & on time delivery).

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